Frequently asked questions will be answered here.

Q. – Is there actual llama wool in your products?

A. – No. All our are made with a natural/synthetic blend or cotton fabrics. While some blends may contain wool, we cannot guarantee that any of it is actually llama. As our shop develops, we hope to source quality local fabrics to enhance our products.

Q. – How do you know each of your products is truly one of a kind?

A. – Over the years, there have been over a dozen artists at this co-op. Each of them have their own style and outlook on life. While there are general guidelines for the types of products produced, they are not limited to what they can design on each piece. Take that along with the inherent uniqueness of handmade objects, and you can be 100 % sure that your purchase is completely original.

Q. – What is your shipping policy?

A. – You can review our shipping policy here.

Q. – What is your return policy?

A. – You can review our return policy here.

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