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Fuchsia Llama is fun, creative, and cares about others. We showcase beautiful handmade works of usable art from Peruvian artists in the modern world. We believe art is necessary for bright and gentle world, and we support our artists by paying them a living wage. The prices reflected on this site account for that, cover our maintenance costs, and help us set a higher living wage for these artists the next time we purchase inventory.

This shop is the brain child of Anna Reyes after having grown up with them their entire life.

“I am an artist, lover of nature, and believer in the power of handmade objects. These crafts have played a special role for me my entire life, and I want to share with others. From selling at craft shows on the weekends growing up to always having the perfect one of a kind gift for any occasions, these crafts have prompted countless grins and lots of friendly dialogue. And I know they can do the same for you!”

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Anna Reyes

In the 80s, Reyes’ mother forged the connection between us and a co-op in Peru that is run by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, and it has been going strong ever since. The co-op was started by the Sisters to support the human dignity of local women and artisans. You can learn more about the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur by visiting their page here.

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